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Volume 23, 2008

Number 1 (2008) 3 A new quantum theoretical framework for parapsychology Chris Clarke 31 Contacts by distressed individuals to UK parapsychology and anomalous experience academic research units – a retrospective survey looking to the future Claudia Coelho, Ian Tierney and Peter Lamont 60 Observations on trouble management in psychic practitioner-sitter interaction Robin Wooffitt 90 Sleeping with the entity; part II - Temporally complex distortions in the magnetic field from human movement in a bed located in an English castle’s reputedly haunted bedroom Jason J. Braithwaite and Maurice Townsend 127 Book Review. The Gift: ESP, the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people, by Sally Rhine Feather and Michael Schmicker (2005) Matt Colborn Number 2 (2008) 131 Correlations between the EEGs of two spatially separated subjects − a replication study Wolfgang Ambach 147 Dyadic EEG correlations re-examined: A commentary on the replication study by W. Ambach Jirı Wackermann 154 Lunar-magnetotail Encounters as Modulators of Mind-Matter Interaction Effects Eckhard Etzold 173 News Events, False Memory and Paranormal Belief Neil Dagnall, Andrew Parker and Gary Munley 189 Book Review. Irreducible mind: Towards a psychology for the 21st Century, edited by Edward F. Kelly and Emily Williams Kelly (2006) Matt Colborn

Volume 22, 2007

Number 1 (2007) 3 Implicit learning in a card prediction task Stuart Wilson & Iain Hamlin 30 On a linear assignment permutation test applied to parapsychological data — computational enhancements and additional applications Stephanie Stahl & Michael Brusco 73 Psi as compensation for modality impairment — a replication study using sighted and blind participants Lance Storm & Mikele Barrett-Woodbridge 90 Book Review. Remote viewing: the science and theory of nonphysical perception, by Courtney Brown (2005) John Barry Number 2 (2007) 95 The measurement of superstitiousness as a component of paranormal belief — some critical reflections Harvey J. Irwin 121 Superstitious belief — negative and positive superstitions and psychological functioning Neil Dagnall, Andrew Parker & Gary Munley 138 The mediating and moderating effects of loneliness and attachment style on belief in the paranormal Paul Rogers, Pamela Qualter & Gemma Phelps 166 Openness to experience and belief in the paranormal — a modified replication of Zingrone, Alvarado, and Dalton (1998–99) Erin Eudell & John B. Campbell 175 Assessing the roles of sender and experimenter in dream ESP research Chris A. Roe, Simon J. Sherwood, Louise Farrell, Louie Savva, & Ian S. Baker 193 Book Review. The common thread between ESP and PK, by Michael A. Thalbourne (2004) Ben L.H. Roberts & Ian R. Hume

Volume 21, 2006

Number 1 (2006) 3 Toward a panpsychistic foundation of paranormal phenomena Ilja Maso 27 Self-concept and body investment in out-of-body experients Craig D. Murray, David Wilde & Jezz Fox 38 Does psi exist and can we prove It? Belief and disbelief in parapsychological research Eckhard Etzold 58 Historical notes on psychic phenomena in specialised journals Carlos S. Alvarado, Massimo Biondi & Wim Kramer 88 Erratum Number 2 (2006) 91 Editor”s Foreword Paul Stevens & Ian Baker 93 Introduction to the EJP Special Issue on memory and psi Caroline Watt 95 Memory and ESP — A review of the experimental literature John Palmer 122 Making sense of the extrasensory — Modelling receptive psi using memory-related concepts Rex G. Stanford 148 Why do ghosts wear clothes? — Examining the role of memory and emotion in anomalous experiences Richard S. Broughton 166 Incredible memories — How accurate are the reports of anomalous events? Christopher C. French & Krissy Wilson 182 Memory without a trace Stephen E. Braude

Volume 20, 2005

Number 1 (2005) 3 Everyday miracles: results of a representative survey in Germany Ina Schmied-Knittel & Michael T. Schetsche 22 The effects of intuition and attitudes towards gambling on ESP performance during a gambling task Lance Storm & Michael A. Thalbourne 50 Participant variables associated with psi Ganzfeld results Anneli Goulding 65 Research Note. Sleeping with the entity — a quantitative magnetic investigation of an English castle’s reputedly ‘haunted’ bedroom Jason J. Braithwaite & Maurice Townsend 79 Research Note. Creative personality and belief in the paranormal Michael A. Thalbourne 85 Book Review. Twin telepathy: the psychic connection by Guy Lyon Playfair (2002) Gordon Claridge 87 Erratum Number 2 (2005) 90 Assessing the relationship between ESP task success and vividness of voluntarily generated mental imagery as measured by Betts‘ QMI Ian R. Hume & Tony A. Lawrence 117 Do human fingers ’see’? — ‘Finger-reading’ studies in the East and West Yung-Jong Shiah & Wai-Cheong Carl Tam 135 The effect of weak magnetic fields on a random event generator: reconsidering the role of geomagnetic fluctuations in microPK studies Paul Stevens 150 Interpersonal psi — exploring the role of the experimenter and the experimental climate in a ganzfeld telepathy task Simon J. Sherwood, Chris A. Roe, Nicola J. Holt & Stuart Wilson 173 Book Review. Parapsychology in the 21st Century: essays on the future of psychical research by Michael A. Thalbourne & Lance Storm (eds.) (2004) Marios Kittenis 186 Book Review. From shaman to scientist: essays on humanity’s search for spirits by James Houran (ed.) (2004) Ian R. Hume &Tony A. Lawrence 191 Obituary. Piero Cassoli Carlos Alvarado

Volume 19, 2004

3 Magnetic variances associated with “haunt-type” experiences: a comparison using time-synchronised baseline measurements Jason J. Braithwaite 29 Arousal and performance at ESP and PK tasks using a common protocol Chris A. Roe, Russell Davey & Paul Stevens 44 Exploratory analyses of refined predictors of subjective ESP experiences and temporal lobe dysfunction in a neuropsychiatric population John Palmer & Vernon M. Neppe 66 The first digital autoganzfeld study using a real-time judging procedure Anneli Goulding, Joakim Westerlund, Adrian Parker & Jiri Wackermann 98 Book Review. The PK Zone: a cross-cultural review of psychokinesis (PK) by Pamela Rae Heath Alan Gauld 101 Book Review. Fenómenos Paranormales by Alejandro Parro Carlos Alvarado

Volume 18, 2003

1 Editorial Adrian Parker 3 Transliminality as an Index of the Sheep-Goat Variable Michael A.Thalbourne & James Houran 15 Reality Testing and the Formation of Paranormal Beliefs Harvey J. Irwin 29 A Compendium of the Evidence for Psi Adrian Parker & Göran Brusewitz 49 An ESP Experiment with Natural and Simulated Sferics: Displacement Scores and Psychological Variables Joop Houtkooper 65 An Attempt to Improve ESP Scores Using the Real Time Digital Ganzfeld Technique Thomas Wright & Adrian Parker 73 Research Note. When the Ghost was the Host Jan Fjellander & Adrian Parker 77 Research Note. Is the I Ching Process Cybernetic or Non-Cybernetic? Lance Storm 87 Book Review. The Trickster and the Paranormal by George P. Hansen James Houran 91 Book Review. The Paranormal in the Bible and Old Norse Literature by Nils Björn Kvastad Annekatrin Puhle 95 Book Review. 30 years in mind: Comments Following the Reissuing of Ullman, Krippner and Vaughan’s Dream Telepathy Björn Sjödin 99 Book Review. Investigating the Paranormal by Tony Cornell Annekatrin Puhle

Volume 17, 2002

1 Guest Editorial Harvey Irwin 3 The Druten Disturbances: Exploratory RSPK Research Johan Gerding, Rens Wezelman & Dick Bierman 17 Perceptual-Personality Characteristics Associated with Naturalistic Haunt Experiences James Houran, Richard Wiseman & Michael Thalboume 45 Intuitive versus Reflective Processes in the Formation of Paranormal Beliefs Harvey Irwin & June Young 54 Poland - Home of Mediums Zofia Weaver 72 Melting Boundaries: Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity in the Light of Parapsychological Data Harald Walach, Stefan Schmidt, Rainer Schneider, Christian Seiter & Holger Bösch 97 Cognitive Psychology’s Day in Court: An Essay review of Houran and Lange’s Hauntings and Poltergeists: Multidisciplinary Perspectives Adrian Parker 109 Research Note. In Defense of Transliminality: A Response to Goulding and Parker Michael A. Thalboume 113 Book Review. Parapsychology: The Science of Unusual Experience Edited by Ron Roberts and David Groome Harvey Irwin 116 Book Review. Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook Edited By Joseph McMoneagle Adrian Parker 119 Erratum

Volume 16, 2001

5 Editorial Adrian Parker 8 Research Methods in Experimental Parapsychology: Problems and Prospects Robert Morris 19 The Ganzfeld Method: Its current Status Jan Dalkvist 23 The Ganzfeld: Suggested Improvements of an Apparently Successful Method for Psi Research Adrian Parker 30 Anomalous Psychophysiological Responses to Remote Cognition: The DMILS Studies Deborah L. Delanoy 42 Towards The Physics of Psi: Correlation with Physical Variables Edwin C. May 53 Support for the Construct Validity of the Two-Factor Conceptualization of Paranormal Belief. A Complement to Thalbourne James Houran & Rense Lange 61 Leaming from Historical Cases: Six Selected Poltergeist Cases from the 1700s in Germany Annekatrin Puhle 73 Finding Psi in the Paranormal: Psychometric Measures Used in Research on Paranormal Beliefs/Experiences and in Research on Psi-Ability Anneli Goulding & Adrian Parker 102 Age and Sex Differences in Paranormal Beliefs after Controlling for Differential Item Functioning Harvey J. Irwin 107 Research Note. Effect Size in the Transliminal Connection between Paranormal Effects and Personality in an Experiment with the I Ching’ by Storm & Thalboume Lance Storm 109 Book Review. The PK Man by Jeffrey Mischlove Andreas Lantz 111 Book Review. An Introduction to Parapsychology by Harvey Irwin Anneli Goulding & Adrian Parker

Volume 15, 2000

1 Editorial Adrian Parker & Jan Dalkvist 3 A Cross-cultural Model of Dissociation and its Inclusion of Anomalous Phenomena Stanley Krippner 30 The Need for Independent Control Sites: A Methodological Suggestion with Special Reference to Haunting and Poltergeist Field Research James Houran & Peter Brugger 46 Are There Different Cognitive Structures Behind Paranormal Beliefs? Friederike Schriever 68 Belief in the Paranormal and a Sense of Control over Life Harvey J. Irwin 79 Research into Psychotic Symptoms: Are There Implications for Parapsychologists? Richard P. Bentall 89 Book Review. The Nature of Mind: Parapsychology and the Role of Consciousness in the Physical World by Douglas Stokes Adrian Parker 92 Book Review. Mindsight: Near-death and Out-of Body Experiences in the Blind by Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper Adrian Parker

Volume 14, 1998-1999

1 Schizotypal Processes and Belief in the Paranormal: A Multidimensional Study Harvey J. Irwin & Melissa J. Green 16 Belief in Life After Death and its Relationship to Transliminality-Relevant Variables Michael A. Thalbourne 31 Psi Experiences and the “Big Five”: Relating the NEO-PI-R to the Experience Claims of Experimental Subjects Nancy L. Zingrone, Carlos S. Alvarado & Kathy Dalton 52 A DMILS Training Studv Utilising Two Shielded Environments Deborah L. Delanoy & Robert L. Morris 68 Remote Psychokinesis Paul Stevens 80 The Sheep-Goat Variable and Mystical Experience: Their Relationship and Their Levels in a Special Population Michael A. Thalbourne 89 A Study of the Features of Out-of-Body Experiences in Relation to Sylvan Muldoon’s Claims Carlos S. Alvarado & Nancy L. Zingrone 100 The Transliminal Connection Between Paranormal Effects and Personality in an Experiment with the I Ching Lance Storm & Michael A. Thalbourne 125 Research Note. In Search of Psi in the I Ching Meta-Hexagram Michael A. Thalbourne 130 Book Review. Sonhos, Parapsicologia e Aconselhamento [Dreams, Parapsychology and Counselling] by Ricardo Eppinger and Tarcisco Roberto Pallu Claudia T. Coelho 137 Book Review. Guidelines for Extrasensory Perception Research by Julie Milton and Richard Wiseman Caroline A. Watt 139 Book Review. Icelandic Spiritualism by William Swatos Jr. and Loftur Reimar Gissurarson John Beloff 141 Book Review. Advances in Parapsychological Research 8 edited by Stanley Krippner Paul Stevens 144 Book Review. Shopping for Miracles - a Guide to Psychics and Psychic Powers by Joanne McMahon and Anna Lascurain Mary Rose Barrington 146 Book Review. The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena by Dean Radin Caroline A. Watt 149 Book Review. Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness: An Exploration of ESP, Remote Viewing, Precognitive Dreaming and Synchronicity by Dale Graff Joseph W. McMoneagle 150 Abstracts 154 Erratum

Volume 13, 1997

1 An Empirically Derived Typology of Paranormal Beliefs Harvey J. Irwin 15 Towards Specifying the Recipe for Success with the Ganzfeld Adrian Parker, Andrea Frederiksen & Helena Johansson 28 Eigensender Ganzfeld Psi: An Experiment in Practical Philosophy Rens Wezelman, Johan L.R. Gerding & Irma Verhoeven 40 Eigensender Ganzfeld Psi: The Practical Philosophy of an Experiment Rens Wezelman, Johan L.R. Gerding & Irma Verhoeven 54 Defence Strategies in Healthcare Professionals F. W.I.I. Snel & P.C. van der Sijde 62 PSI-CONDUCIVE PRACTICES & ISSUES: Introducing Invited Papers Deborah L. Delanoy 63 Important Psi-Conducive Practices and Issues: Impressions from Six Parapsychological Laboratories Deborah L. Delanoy 71 Is there a Formula to Success in the Ganzfeld? Observations on Predictors of Psi-Ganzfeld Performance Kathy Dalton 83 Psi-Conducive Experimenters and Psi-Permissive Ones Gertrude R. Schmeidler 95 Psi-Conducive Protocols Russell Targ & Jane Katra 96 Suggestions for Exploring and Recording the Inscape of Psi Researchers Rhea A. White 110 The Challenge of Experimenter Psi John Palmer 126 Book Review. Parapsychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality: A Postmodern Exploration by David Ray Griffin Fiona Steinkamp 130 Book Review. Healing Research: Holistic Energy, Medicine and Spirituality Volume 2 by Daniel J. Benor Jerry Solfvin 134 Book Review. The Lotto Effect: Towards a Technology of the Paranormal by Damien Broderick Dean Radin 136 Book Review. Critical Reflections on the Paranormal Edited by Michael Stoeber & Hugo Meynell Fiona Steinkamp 143 Correspondance Michele Pouliart 144 Obituary. Malcolm Bessent Guy Lyon Playfair & Mike Johnstone 146 Abstracts

Volume 12, 1996

1 Training Imagery Skills for Enhanced Psychic Functioning. Two Experiments with Athletes Robin K. Taylor 23 Geomagnetism and the Edinburgh Automated Ganzfeld Kathy Dalton & Paul Stevens 35 On Being Lucky: The Psychology and parapsychology of Luck Matthew D. Smith, Richard Wiseman, Peter Harris & Richard Joiner 44 Experimentation or Experience? Issues about Validity Fiona Steinkamp 61 Exploring the Features of Spontaneous Psychic Experiences Carlos S. Alvarado 75 Survey: Incidence and Social Relevance of Brazilian University Students’ Psychic Experiences Wellington Zangari & Fatima Regina Machado 88 Book Review. Physics Envy: The Politics of Parapsychology An Essay Review of Women and Parapsychology: Proceedings of an International Conference edited by Lisette Coly and Rhea White Caroline A. Watt 96 Book Review. Seeing Through Statistics by Jessica M. Utts Simon J. Sherwood 100 Book Review. Parapsychology and Thanatology. Proceedings of an International Conference edited by Lisette Coly and Joanne D.S. McMahon Alan Gauld 107 Book Review. Blindness of Modern Science by Undo Uus John Beloff 109 Book Review. Encounter-Psi 1994 Alejandra Parra 111 Notices. Institute of Paranormal Parapsychology, ALPA Announcement and Call for Papers, Award, Launch of EJAP 117 Abstracts

Volume 11, 1995

1 Publishing and Funding Parapsychology in the Mainstream: A Mail Survey of Experiences and Strategies for Success Julie Milton 19 Remote Mental Influence of Human Electrodermal Activity: A Pilot Replication Dean L Radin, Robin K Taylor & William G. Braud 35 A Proposed Research Paradigm for the Study of Volitional Mentation Loftur R. Gissurarson & Robert L. Morris 58 The Model of Pragmatic Information (MPI) Walter von Lucadou 76 Pseudopsychics and the Barnum Effect Chris A. Roe 92 Research Note. Exploring Defensiveness and Psychokinesis Performance Caroline A. Watt & Loftur R. Gissurarson 102 Addendum to Parapsychological Publications in Non-Parapsychology Journals Bruno Severi 114 Book Review. Emilio Servadio: Dall’lpnosi alla Psicoanalisi [Emilio Seroadio: From Hypnosis to Psychoanalysis) by Emilio Errera Carlos S. Alvarado 116 Book Review. Introduzione alia Parapsicologia: Studio del Comportamento Paranormal Umano [Introduction to Parapsychology: The Study of Human Paranormal Behaviour] and Fenomeni Parapsicologici: Manifestazioni del Comportamenio Paranorinale Umano [Parapsychological Phenomena: Manifestations of Human Paranormal Behaviour] by Enrico Marabini Carlos S. Alvarado 119 Book Review. An Introduction to Parapsychology, 2nd ed. by Harvey J. Irwin Nancy L. Zingrone 122 Notice. Overcoming the Language Barrier 125 Notice. 19th International Conference of the Society for Psychical Research 126 Notice. APA Advertises for ‘Minority Group’ Reviewers

Volume 10, 1994

1 Individual Differences in Aura Vision: Relationships to Visual Imagery and Imaginative-Fantasy Experiences Carlos S. Alvarado & Nancy L. Zingrone 31 Modelling the Stratagems of Psychic Fraud Richard Wiseman & Robert L. Morris 45 Analysing Verbal Accounts of Spontaneous Paranormal Phenomena: A Sociological Approach Robin Wooffitt 66 The Role of Mind in the Physical World: A Psychologist’s View William G. Braud 78 Can Our Intentions Interact Directly With the Physical World? William G. Braud 91 Seeing Things: Visual Recognition and Belief in the Paranormal Susan Blackmore & Rachel Moore 104 Parapsychological Publications in Non-Parapsychology journals Bruno Severi 130 Postscript to an Experiment with the I Ching: How Many Changing Lines? Michael A. Thalbourne 136 Book Review. Science, Paradox, and the Moebius Principle by Steven M. Rosen John Beloff 137 Book Review. Healing Research: Holistic Energy, Medicine and Spirituality. Volume I by Daniel J. Benor Carl May 140 Book Review. I Fantasmi dei Morenti: Inchiesta su una Credenza [Phantasms of the Dying: A Survey of a Belief] by Graziella Piccinini & Gian Marco Rinaldi Carlos S, Alvarado 144 Comment Tony Lawrence 146 Comment Daniel Benor 151 Notice. Style Rules for EJP 152 Notice. Call for Papers, 1995 PA Convention

Volume 9, 1992-1993

1 An Effect Size Estimator for Parapsychological Research Robert Rosenthal & Donald B. Rubin 12 A Further Attempt to Separate the Yins from the Yangs:A Replication of the Rubin-Honorton Experiment with the I Ching Michael A. Thalboourne, Peter S. Delin Jillian A. Barlow, & Delia M. Steen 24 The Effect of Belief in the Paranormal and Prior Set Upon the Observation of a ‘Psychic’ Demonstration Matthew D. Smith 35 Psychic Healing and Complementary Medicine Sybo A. Schouten 92 Book Review. Spontaneous Psi, Depth Psychology and Parapsychology edited by Betty Shapin & Lisette Coly Ian Tierney 103 Book Review. Schulwtsswnschaft, Parawissenschaft, Pseudowissenschaft [Mainstream Science, Parascience, Pseudoscience by Gerald L. Eberlein Eberhard Bauer 106 Book Review. Jenseits von Licht und Schatten: Die Rolle der Photographie bei bestimmten paranormalen Phaenomenen - ein historischer Abriss [Beyond Light and Shadow: The Role of Photography in Certain Paranormal Phenomena - A Historical Abstract] by Rolf H. Krauss Eberhard Bauer 108 Book Review. Parapsychology: The Controversial Science by Richard Broughton Robert L. Morris 116 Comment Remy Chauvin 118 Notices 121 Obituary.Charles Honorton Emily Williams Cook 123 Erratum

Volume 8, 1990-1991

1 Editorial Essay: Parapsychology in the 1990s Robert L. Morris 27 Introduction Carlos S. Alvarado 27 Symposium: Problems Of International Communication and Collaboration in Parapsychology 30 Improving Communication and Collaboration Between European Parapsychologists: The Euro-PA Deborah L. Delanoy 41 Anglo-Saxon’ vs. ‘Latin’ Parapsychology: Behind the Communication Barrier Mario P. Varvoglis 51 Parapsychology in Brazil: Relations with Non-Brazilian Researchers and the Context of Brazilian Culture David J. Hess 57 Implications and Applications of Laboratory Psi Findings William G. Braud 66 Psychology and Coincidences Caroline A. Watt 85 Amplifying Precognition: Two Experiments with Roulette Wilfried Kugel 98 Enhancing Effects in Psi Experiments with Sequential Analysis: A Replication and Extension Dean I. Radin 112 Some PK Attitudes as Determinants of PK Performance The Effect of Retro-Active Distance Healing on Babesia Rodhani Loftur Reimar Gissurarson 123 (Rodent Malaria) in Rats F.W.J.J.Snel & C.vanderSijde 131 Subjective Random Generations and the Reversed Sheep-Goat Effect: A Failure to Replicate Tony R. Lawrence 145 Guidelines for Reporting Details of Experimental Procedures for Papers Published in the European Journal of Parapsychology 148 Erratum

Volume 7, 1987-1988-1989

Number 1 (1987) 1 A test on possible implications of the OT’s for Ganzfeld research Bierman. D.J. 13 Time reversed interference: A replication study Camfferman. G. 33 A study of paranormal impressions of psychics Part VI. Long-term variation in the behaviour of psychics H.G. Boerenkamp 49 A 30-year ‘Experiment with Time’ Evaluation of an individual case study of precognitive dreams F. Schriever 73 Dulling Occam’s razor: The role of coherence in assessing scientific knowledge claims J. Palmer 83 When will we begin to reduce alpha- and beta-errors in statistical psi experiments? U. Timm Number 2-4 (1988-1989) 95 The end of the Parapsychology Laboratory of the University of Utrecht S.A. Schouten 117 A free-response study in a real-life setting. A replication S.A. Schouten. & P. Haneveer 135 An examination of subject and agent mentation in the ganzfeld D.L. Delanoy 169 Why the ganzfeld is conducive to ESP: A study of observational theory and the percipient-order effect J.M. Houtkooper, L.R. Gissurarson & E. Haraldsson 193 Possible ‘directive’ role of the agent in the ganzfeld J.A. Milton 215 Handling and gentling as functions of paranormal healing with normal and sick animals by non-healers F.W.J.J. Snel & P.C. v.d. Sijde 237 The relationship between volume and year of past and future issues of the European Journal of Parapsychology 239 The thirty-third Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association 241 Correction to Dr. Ulrich Timm’s article ‘When will we begin to reduce alpha -and beta -errors in statistical psi experiments?’

Volume 6, 1985-1987

Number 1 (1985) 1 Perceptual defensiveness, Ganzfeld and the percipient-order effect E. Haraldsson & L.R. Gissurarson 19 A free-response study in a real-life setting S.A. Schouten & J. Merkestein 33 A study of paranormal impressions of psychics Part III. The first group of experimental series H.G. Boerenkamp 71 Parapsychology and the expectation of progress J. Beloff 81 The dualist tradition in parapsychology H.L. Edge 95 A possible artifact in a PK test for babies T. Troscianko & S. Blackmore 99 An impossible artifact D.J. Bierman 105 Call for papers for the 29th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association Number 2 (1986) 107 A study of paranormal impressions of psychics Part IV. The second group of experimental series H.G. Boerenkamp 137 Minimizing subject fraud in parapsychology laboratories R.L. Morris 151 A physical theory for paranormal phenomena G. William 167 Parapsychology and the sensory-motor hypothesis M. Dybvig 195 Letters to the Editor W. Eeman 197 Call for papers for the 30th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association Number 3 (1986) 199 RNG-PK microcomputer ‘games´ overviewed: An experiment with the videogame ‘Psi Invaders’ L.R. Gissurarson 217 Correlated hemispheric asymmetry in the sensory and ESP processing of ‘emotional’ and ‘nonemotional� stimuli M. Maher 259 A study of paranormal impressions of psychics. Part V. The group of control series with non-psychics H.G. Boerenkamp 285 Evaluating free-response data S.A. Schouten & G. Camfferman 301 Letters to the editor J. Palmer, D.J. Bierman Number 4 (1987) 305 A multivariate PK experiment. Part 1. An approach combining physical and psychological conditions of the PK process W. von Lucadou 347 A multivariate PK experiment. Part II. Relationships between psychological variables W. von Lucadou, B. Lay & H. Kunzmann 369 A multivariate PK experiment. Part III. Is PK a real force? The results and their interpretation W. von Lucadou 429 Editorial consultants Volume 6

Volume 5, 1983-1985

Number 1 (1983) 1 In memoriam of professor Dr. J.M.J. Kooy G. Zorab 5 State of consciousness during feedback: Exploring the two step model of psi P.C. van der Sijde & P. Wesseling 19 Is there a paranormal (precognitive) influence in certain types of perceptual sequences? Part I H. Klintman 51 Psychokinesis experiments in case in induced amyloidosis of the hamster F. Snel & P.R. Hol 77 New information favoring a paranormal interpretation in the case of Rakesh Gaur S.K. Pasricha Number 2 (1984) 95 The Koestler Chair, a landmark in the development of our field? M.U. Johnson 97 Letters to the Editor 101 Potential paranormal value of statements of psychics acquired under feedback conditions H.G Boerenkamp 125 Is there a paranormal (precognitive)influence in certain types of perceptual sequences? Part II H. Klintman 141 Criticism and controversies in parapsychology - An overview E. Bauer 167 Psi transmission of anger and its enhancement through meaning? Methodological and statistical concerns R.G. Stanford & E.I. Schechter 175 Response to ‘Psi transmission of anger and its enhancement through meaning? Methodological and statistical concerns by R.G. Stanford and E.I. Schechter S. Kreitler & H. Kreitler 189 P.A. Convention 1984 Number 3 (1984) 191 Audiatur et altera pars. A tribute to a close friend: Piet Hein Hoebens (1948 - 1984) G.H. Hövelmann 203 Improvement of the ‘Probabilistic Predictor Program’ of Tart and Dronek for testing random target generators Z. Vassy 221 Applying the ‘worry’ hypothesis to spontaneous paranormal experiences S.A. Schouten 245 On the assessment of evidence for psi N. Wiklund 261 What is wrong with the definition of psi? W. von Lucadou 285 Are psi experiments repeatable? A conceptual framework for the discussion of repeatability G.H. Hövelmann 307 28th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association Number 4 (1985) 309 Dr. Robert L. Morris appointed professor of parapsychology and holder of the Koestler Chair at the University of Edinburgh M.U. Johnson 313 Experimenter effects in a plethysmographic ESP experiment J.M. Houtkooper & E. Haraldsson 327 A study of paranormal impressions of psychics. Part 1. Experimental design H.G. Boerenkamp 349 A study of paranormal impressions of psychics. Part II. The standard series H.G. Boerenkamp 373 A retro and direct PK test for babies with the manipulation of feedback: A first trial of independent replication using software exchange D.J. Bierman 391 Does it make sense to be generally skeptic towards scientific data? U. Timm 403 Letters to the Editor 407 Erratum 408 Editorial consultants Volume 5

Volume 4, 1981-1983

Number 1 (1981) 1 Psi and volitional activity: an attempted replication G. Ianntizzo 9 Analysing spontaneous cases: A replication based on the Sannwald collection S.A Schouten 49 Errors and confusions in ESP Susan Blackmore 71 The healer: Problems, methods and results Piero Cassoli 81 Murderous ESP - A case of story fabrication Rolf Ejvegaard & Martin Johnson 99 Poltergeist agents: A review of recent trends and conceptualizations Taboas Martinez & C.S. Alvarado 111 Editorial consultants Volume 3 Number 2 (1982) 113 Analysing spontaneous cases: A replication based on the Rhine collection S.A. Schouten 159 Psi expectancy effects in psychic healing studies with malarial mice G.F. Solfvin 199 Psi transmission of anger and its enhancement through meaning S. Kreitler & H. Kreitler 243 Precognition testing with free-response techniques in the ganzfeld and the dream state C.L. Sargent & T.A. Harley 257 Parapsychology from the point of view of modern physics A.Y. Temkin 271 Fire-immunity and fire-walks: Some historical and anthropological notes G. Iannuzzo 277 Letters to the Editor Number 3 (1982) 283 A few reflections on the S.P.R. 1882-1982 and P.A. 1957-1982 jubilee conference M.U. Johnson 287 Studies of the effects of mental healing and expectations on the growth of corn seedlings G.F. Solfvin 325 Mathematical inference strategies versus psi: Initial explorations with the Probabilistic Predictor Program C.T. Tart & E. Dronek 357 Beyond reductionism - reconsidered How to link physics and psychology W. Von Lucadou & K. Kornwachs 377 Psi as nature K. Harary 393 Some notes on parapsychology in China L.L. Haft 399 Abstracts of Chinese reports on parapsychology L.L. Haft 403 Letters to the Editor Number 4 (1983) 407 Dr. Louisa Rhine, ‘First lady of parapsychology’ passes away M.U. Johnson 411 In memory of Laura Dale K. Osis 413 ESP and ‘Hypnotic imagination’: A group free-response study J. Palmer & I. van de Velden 435 Applying daily experiences in experimental ESP research H.G. Boerenkamp & G. Camfferman 455 Hypnosis and psi: Towards an interactional explanation D.P. Fourie 475 Improving psychokinesis performance: Theoretical and methodological notes C.T. Tart 483 Cooperation versus competition: In defense of rational argument in parapsychology G.H. Hovelmann 507 Letters to the Editor 511 P.A. Convention 1983 512 Editorial consultants Volume 4

Volume 3, 1979-1981

Number 1 (1979) 1 The European regional branch of the Parapsychological Association (ERPA) is now established M.U. Johnson 3 Gardner Murphy: some memories S. Krippner 11 ESP and the defense mechanism test(DMT) Icelandic study no. III. A case of experimenter effect? E. Haraldsson & M.U. Johnson 21 Field experiments with 30 possible PK subjects J. Keil 36 Conformance behavior involving animal and human subjects E.R. Gruber 51 A partly independent replication of investigations of cases suggestive of reincarnation S. Pasricha & I. Stevenson 66 Obituary J. Gaither Pratt M.U.Johnson 69 The categories of psi: the case for retention J. Beloff 78 The distribution of psi B. Millar 111 Letters to the Editor 117 Erratum Number 2 (1980) 119 J.B. Rhine M.U. Johnson 127 Correlation between ESP and memory S.J. Blackmore 149 Project Chicken Little: A precognition experiment involving the SKYLAB space station W.G. Braud 167 PK effects on pre-recorded group behavior of living systems E.R. Gruber 177 The distribution of psi ability and psi performance H.H.J. Keil 185 Communication and imagery resonance: A theoretical approach to psychic healing R.G. Locke 209 On the ‘transference’ of psychic abilities: A historical note C.S. Alvarado 212 Call for papers Number 3 (1980) 213 The extent of selective reporting of ESP ganzfeld studies S.J. Blackmore 221 A hierarchical model for the observational theories: A study of subject identity and feedback in repeated retroactive psychokinesis J.M. Houtkooper, R. Andrews, P.C.J. Ganzevles & P.C. Van der Sijde 247 Can experimenters localize nonrandom target sequences in random number tables? T.A. Harley & C.L. Sargent 253 Emotions as targets in ESP studies S.A. Schouten 273 Exploratory observations with PK metal benders from Southern California I.G. Shafer 287 The voice on tape phenomena: Limitations and possibilities H.H.J. Keil 297 Development of the system theoretic approach to psychokinesis W. von Lucadou & K. Kornwachs Number 4 (1981) 315 Is the ‘repeatable’ experiment a sine qua non to establish parapsychology as a science? M.U. Johnson 317 An investigation into the use of aversion therapy techniques for the operant control of PK production in humans R.S. Broughton, B. Millar & M.U. Johnson 345 The potential observer effect or the mystery of irreproduceability D.J. Bierman & J.M. Houtkooper 373 In defense of introverts: A critical note on supposed personality differences between ganzfeld experimenters A. Parker 381 A case of the reincarnation type in India. The case of Rakesh Gaur S.K. Pasricha & D.R. Barker 409 Parapsychology and repeatability R. Ejvegaard 423 The repeatability of significance and the significance of repeatability C.L. Sargent

Volume 2, 1977-1979

Number 1 (1977) 1 Who is a parapsychologist? M. Johnson 4 A PK experiment with a single ball rolling an a decline B. Forwald 15 A comment an Schmidt’s mathematical model of psi J.M. Houtkooper 19 A bound for the observational theories of psi J.W. Hartwell 29 Empirical constraints upon the choice of model. for mind/brain relationship: A proposal J. Isaacs 36 Sex differences and dominance effects in a novel clairvoyance psi test C.L. Sargent 60 A preliminary study of precognition in the Ganzfeld D. Scott Rogo 68 Relationships between PK and physiological variables in a gifted subject in a gifted subject J.M. Houtkooper & I.P.F. De Diana 80 Announcements and comments Number 2 (1978) 81 Contingent negative variation as an index of precognitive information J.W. Hartwell 104 ESP and the defense mechanism test (DMT). A further validation E. Haraldsson 115 Observer or experimenter effect? A fake replication D.J. Bierman 126 Experimenter Psi-effects: I. Retroactive expectancy effects C.L. Sargent 137 Recent investigations of microdynamic psychokinesis,with special emphasis on the roles of feedback effort and awareness W.G. Braud 167 A remark on the ‘divergence problem’ H. Schmidt 201 Towards a theory for the poltergeist W.C. Roll Number 3 (1978) 203 Are we ready for the establishment of a European branch of the Parapsychological Association? M.U.Johnson 206 Testing the ‘advanced wave’ hypothesis: An attempted replication D.J. Bierman 213 An experimental study on the influence of expectancies on life experimenters’ span age differences in PK-performance J.C. Jacobs, J.A.G. Michels & A. Verbraak 228 Attempt to observe psychokinetic influences upon a random event generator by person-fish teams W.G. Braud & J. Kirk 237 A note on possible intragroup effects in precognitive ESP H. Breederveld & J.C. Jacobs 239 Experimenter psi effects: II. A possible ‘experimenter mindprint’ C.L. Sargent 247 On the experiment of Brugmans, Heymans, and Weinberg S.A. Schouten & E.F. Kelly 291 The limits of parapsychology J. Beloff 304 The observational theories: A primer B. Millar Number 4 (1979) 333 Haakon Forwald M.U. Johnson 337 An experiment with the head of Jut R.S. Broughton 358 An extension to the CNV study and an evaluation J.W. Hartwell 365 Skin potential activity and guessing performance of more and less defensive subjects in a GESP task M.U. Johnson & J.W. Hartwell 371 A preliminary investigation of clairvoyance during hypnotic age regression W.G. Braud & R.R. Mellen 381 The “Lloyd effect” B. Millar 396 Delayed PK with Matthew Manning: Preliminary indications and failure to confirm J. Palmer, C.T. Tart & D. Redington 408 Analysis of spontaneous cases as reported in ‘Phantasms of the Living’ S.A. Schouten 456 Physiological detectors of psi B. Millar 479 PA 1979 Convention

Volume 1, 1975-1977

Number 1 (1975) 1 Editorial Number 2 (1976) 1 On publication Policy regarding nonsignificant results Martin Johnson Number 3 (1976) 1 Some reflections after the P.A. Convention Martin Johnson Number 4 (1977) 1 A study of repeated retroactive psychokinesis in relation to direct and random PK effects J.M. Houtkooper 3 Exploratory PK tests with a programmable high speed random number generator D.J. Bierman & J.M. Houtkooper 6 Preliminary report on the Amsterdam experiments with Matthew Manning D.J. Bierman, I.P.F. De Diana & J.M. Houtkooper 6 Clairvoyance and psychokinesis in transcendental meditators and matched control subjects: a preliminary study William Braud & Janice Hartgrove 15 An attempted confirmation of the rodent ESP findings with positive reinforcement Richard Broughton & Brian Millar 17 Some remarks on precognition Rolf Ejvegaard 17 Time-symmetric thermodynamics and causality violation James A. Donald & Brian Martin 21 Testing some implications of a PK observational theory Sybo A. Schouten 33 Exploratory test on the proscopic theory known as the ‘Advance Wave Hypothesis’ D.J. Bierman 36 Models of control and control of bias Martin Johnson 36 Nina S. Kulagina: A strong case for PK involving directly observable movements of objects Jarl Fahler & H.H.J. Keil 37 Group selection and target painting Carroll B. Nash 37 A further attempt to validate the DMT as a predictor of scoring direction Martin Johnson & Christa Liibke 40 A large-sample classroom ESP card-guessing experiment John Palmer, Charles T. Tart & Dana Redington 45 The paradigm of the Rhinean school: Part I. Ingemar Nilsson 45 The paradigm of the Rhinean school: Part II. Ingemar Nilsson 47 Experimenting with poltergeists? William G. Roll 57 Autonomic Psychophysiological reactions to sensory and emotive stimuli in a psi experiment Sybo A. Schouten 57 Parapsychological developments in the Netherlands G. Zorab 60 Effect of reducing response preferences on ESP scores Sybo A. Schouten 67 Acknowledgement PA Convention 1976 72 The use of short-duration Ganzfeld stimulation to facilitate psi-mediated imagery D. Scott Rogo 72 Cortical arousal and psi: a pharmacological study Carl L. Sargent 78 The Parapsychological Association 80 Free response GESP performance following Ganzfeld stimulation versus induced relaxation, with verbalized versus nonverbalized mentation: A failure to replicate Robert Wood, James Kirk & William Braud 83 Book review